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grand hyatt singapore

This landmark urban resort oasis with 677 guestrooms and suites features a full from structure up renovation of their Rooftop Pool Area and Gardens.  The much anticipated landscape update is timelssly contemporary in all its parts and features a gem-like main pool lined in iridescent glass mosaic and glass pebble tile that is highlighted by spacious shallow water shelves for relaxed lounging.  This pool is also graced by  shimmering water columns that captivate the guest with their sculptural elegance.  Spacious wood decks surround the pool and offer many opportunities for lounging or casual sitting and dining.  The richly stone clad poolside Oasis Grill has been fully incorporated with the pool area and the two function seamlessly as one.  The rooftop gardens beyond have been completely refurbished and now feature a hidden raised furo-inspired relaxation spa pool nestled amongst exotic foliage that affords guests a moment of escape from the urban surroundings.  In addition, a series of dramatic stone clad water walls acts as a backdrop to the main pool and provide much welcomed 'white noise' to mitigate the city environment below in the form of freefalling water.  Equally important is the fact that this comforting landscaped sanctuary also functions as the setting for the hotel's world class Damai Spa with the two facilities acting in perfect balanced harmony.    

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