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This graciously atmospheric resort located on the wide beaches of India's western state of Goa is resolutely colonial in its design inspiration but with a distinctive joyful style all its own.  The property features 250 comfortably elegant guestrooms and suites set into a village scaled environment reflecting Goa's uniquely local Portuguese heritage. Courtyards with recessed seating niches, fountains set into plazas, luxuriant tropical foliage shading walkways, meandering lagoons over which span carved stone bridges...all capture an unabashed sense of casual tropical elegance only convincingly found

at a much older historic property.   Even the expansive swimming pool environment (India's largest) has been distilled into much more intimately scaled parts set at a beguiling series of levels.  The upper pool affords the most tranquility with a cove-like shoreline that features mosaic tiled stepped terraces allowing the guest to enjoy a variety of water depths.  This connects to a romantic River Pool enclosed by lush foliage framing numerous curving bends.  The River Pool ends into a rock lined water slide from which one descends into the Lower Swimming Pool which is highlighted by a dramatically elevated Spa Pool Pavilion featuring carved stone pilasters which act as fountains sourcing the pool below.  Ample yet  intimate lounging is provided for at poolside through stone paved terraces or a sweeping curved wood deck with views to the landscape and sea beyond.

A playful children oriented pool area is also provided for at this level.  

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